Renovation of a Brussels apartment

This 3 bedroom apartment is located in a listed building in the commune of Schaerbeek. It has magnificent views over the city. Concept developed for an overall plan and a detailed transformation plan developed for the kitchen and dining room.


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Main room

Project-ID mandate


  • General assessment of the situation before renovation

  • Elaboration of a coherent architectural concept for new designs and interior decoration

  • Drawing up of plans and perspectives

  • Detailed kitchen plan



In this apartment, the kitchen is its centre piece. Several walls were added to provide greater vertical surface area and to improve movement within. The living and dining rooms were merged into a single volume to make maximum use of the beautiful views. A large opening linking the kitchen and the dining room gives an impression of space and improves luminosity. In this layout, the kitchen becomes the flat’s focal space, without it being completely open plan.

A new kitchen was fitted. The main materials used were a working surface and a sideboard in blue stone, with white thermoformed doors. Floor tiles were done in light grey “pierre du Nord” in 60x60cm.

At the technical level the electricité, the radiators and the lighting were completely transformed. The lamps of the kitchen are type LED's embedded design spotlights.


Dinning room

Work top