Renovation of an aparment in Vincennes 


This family apartment is located on the top floor of a recent building with view over a park providing depth and light to the property.

Dining Room and Kitchen



Projet-ID mandate

  •  Elaboration of an architectural concept

  • Advice provided during the work




A new kitchen with greater width provides a better layout of kitchen appliances and improved interconnection with the dining room. A small separate room in the kitchen is converted into a storage cupboard/parlour. Floor tiles selected are grey 31,6cm and small 10cm bright red tiles are chosen for the walls.

The bathroom is completely refurbished including new plumbing. Sliding doors are used to improve access and to expand the bathroom considerably. White 20x20cm tiles are chosen.

A new bedroom at the rear of the apartment is fitted with improved sound insulation. The parquet throughout the apartment is replaced as are the cupboards. The apartement has been repainted throughout.





Main room